Friv Zone Arcade – play our GROWING list of EXCLUSIVE html5 free games


PICK from the GAMES TO THE SIDE and enjoy!  —  more games to come!  (bookmark and tell your friends about our open beta and our exclusive games)


How is html5 better than flash games?  To start it’s a newer format built from the ground up to be much better than flash.  It also is supported by far more platforms including MAC AND MOBILE.  And it’s safer, faster, and just simply the future of Friv games online.

Platforms supported?  All.  Windows old and new, Mac, Mobile, Chromebooks, and any browser.  If it doesn’t work it may be time to consider upgrading to a modern computer or a platform that supports open standards.

Are the games truly free or “freemium”?  Truly free.  We are primarly ad supported, but if you want to help us add more games and grow the community, you can buy us a cup of coffee or two with the paypal tip/donation jar > payments can go to

You guys have some nice sites and cool sounding domain names so I am guessing you don’t need my support, right?   Thanks for the compliment, but acutally we are on a tight budget that doesn’t yet pay our bills and we try to buy games and grow the community.  So every bit of support from links or shares on social to a tip in the donation jar is much appreciated and allows us to speed up the platform, add new games, and create much more exciting content for you.  This is totally optional though, only if you really enjoy our sites and want to support us.

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